Kitchen Remodel

The prospect of remodeling your kitchen can be both exhilarating and intimidating.

We remove the scary stuff by providing an experience that is focused on all your needs throughout the entire design and construction process.

Every morning life begins in the kitchen, a place to connect with family, create memories, and expand the recipe book. The kitchen space should also be comfortable with lots of storage and functionality built to stand the test of time. From modern to traditional, we can design that space to fit your home, enhancing both its value and your daily life in it.

Your kitchen remodel will consist of many different parts and pieces; we bring it all together so you don’t have to. Our designers work with you and your budget so your new kitchen is exactly what you wanted from the sink to the stove. Delivering an end product with value is important to us – whether it is a large kitchen redesign or a few updates, our commitment to quality and customer service is first and foremost – on time and on budget.

What should you budget for a quality kitchen remodel?


Kitchenettes (Small Kitchen Remodel) – $20 – $35k
Project duration:
4-6 weeks planning
6-8 weeks construction
Total: 10 to 16 weeks
  • Minimal to No Changes to Existing Kitchen Layout
  • Retain Existing Window & Door Locations
  • New Laminate Countertops
  • New Vinyl Flooring
  • Economical Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures
  • Minimal Drywall Work
  • New Lower-Cost Cabinetry
  • Re-Use Existing Appliances
  • Paint By Homeowner
  • Permits & Inspections
  • 2 Year Warranty

Large Kitchen Remodel – $35 – $75k+
Project Duration:
4-6 weeks planning
8-10 weeks construction
Total: 12 to 16 weeks
  • Major Changes to Kitchen Layout and Design
  • New Window/Door Locations
  • New Stone Countertops
  • New Hardwood Flooring
  • Upscale Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures
  • Major Drywall Work
  • New Custom Cabinetry with Storage Accessories
  • New Premium Appliances
  • New Custom Paint/Colors
  • Permits & Inspections
  • 2 Year Warranty